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Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Lagos, a group of brilliant minds got together to create something truly remarkable. They had a vision to build a company that would revolutionize the world of technology as we know it. And with tireless dedication and unwavering determination, they set out to build a unicorn. DAST Technology Limited was born out of this shared dream. By harnessing the latest innovations in tech, DAST has become a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses across the globe. From AI-powered chatbots to secure cloud infrastructure, DAST provides an array of services that help companies thrive. But what truly sets DAST apart is the team behind it. Led by dynamic leaders, these talented individuals have honed their skills to create something truly exceptional. And with each day that passes, they inch closer to their goal of building a unicorn. One that will inspire others and spread the joy of innovation far and wide. Let's build, Dominion.




Comment by: Clement Iyida

on: June 25, 2023


Comment by: versatile

on: June 25, 2023

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